These are some of the graduate students at the University of Ottawa whose work relates to environmental justice.

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Current Students

angela lee.jpg

Angela Lee (PhD)

- Supervisors: Heather McLeod-Kilmurray and Lynda Collins

Justine Bouquier.jpeg

Justine Bouquier (PhD)

- Title of thesis: « la prise en compte des ordres juridiques autochtones par le droit international des droits de la personne » / “Indigenous legal orders’ inclusion in international human rights”
- Supervisor: Sophie Thériault (University of Ottawa)


Anna Romaniszyn (LLM)

- Supervisor: Nathalie Chalifour


Tamunobelema Itamunoala (LLM)

- Supervisor: Nathalie Chalifour


Erin Dobbelsteyn (LLM)

- Supervisor: Nathalie Chalifour

Past Students


Semie Sama (PhD, 2017)
- Title of thesis: “Harnessing Environmental Justice to Protect Against Land-Grabbing in Cameroon”
- Supervisor: Nathalie Chalifour

michelle sanders.jpg

Michelle Sanders (LLM with a concentration in Global Sustainability and Environmental Law, 2017)
- Title of research paper: “Practical Challenges to Implementing the Precautionary Principle in Canadian Environmental Law”
- Supervisor: Nathalie Chalifour


Carla Sbert (PhD, 2019)

- Title of thesis: “Ecological Law Re-formation: Obstacles and Opportunities in Canadian Mining”
- Supervisors: Heather McLeod-Kilmurray and Nathalie Chalifour